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8th Annual Off-Road Trail Ride

Please join us for ourĀ  Saturday, September 10, 2022 (World Suicide Prevention Day)

Our Mission

We are a NON PROFIT Organization
501 (c) (3).

Our mission is to reduce suicide through prevention education and to assist and empower those in crisis.


How We Got Started

On March 14, 2015, the most unimaginable tragedy happened to me and my family. I lost my 14 year old Daughter, Breanna to suicide. Wanting to help with my grief and help others in her memory (as she loved to help others also and loved to ride); friends of mine decided on the idea to have an off-road trial ride to raise money for suicide prevention. So, just two months after she passed, Breanna's Ride began.

Our goal was to raise enough money to help get education on mental health, depression and suicide prevention to our schools and communities; If we help just one person then we have succeeded. We never would have guessed that 5 years later we have accomplish that and so much more; thanks to all of you.

We have decided to turn this tragedy into a testimony to help others in their struggles and be a light in their darkness. Please know that if you or someone you know is suffering with depression and or having suicidal thoughts,THERE IS HELP and HOPE. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Even though Breanna lost her battle with depression, she was so much more than the disease that consumed her.

She had such a kind heart for helping others and she loved to make people laugh. She was very talented musically; with her beautiful singing voice, she played guitar and also played in her school band. She also received many compliments on how beautiful she was; especially with her vibrant red hair and unforgettable smile and bubbly personality.

It is through all of you and your generosity that Breanna's memory lives on. THANK YOU!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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A Heartfelt Thank You

A BIG Thank you to our sponsors and volunteers for their continuing support. Your financial contribution is what helps make the cause possible.

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2022 Ride

Please join us for ourĀ  8th Annual Off-Road Trail Ride Saturday, September 10, 2022 (World Suicide Prevention Day)

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